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Recipe by Manuel Rios

Very, very traditional recipe from Mexico. This is the closest way to make it in your house.

Top Review by Bergy

Fabulous, Fabulous! I had to make a few adjustments because I could not get the ingredients and I cooked it in a crockpot for 8 hours on low. I managed to get goat meat which as you said in our exchange of comments this recipe was originally intended for goat.. Could not get nopal or banana leaves so I used bottled grape leaves, worked well. Tree chilies were not available so I used jalapeno, next time I may try one a little hotter. Thanks Manuel Rios for a great recipe that came very close to the fiesta recipe where I first tasted it.

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  1. Cut the tomatoes by half.
  2. Cut the potatoes by half.
  3. In a pressure dale, add the potatoes, tomatoes, onion, broth, water, salt, rice, chilies chickpeas.
  4. Add the nopal leaves like if you were covering the ingredients, like a cap.
  5. Then add the lamb leg, it wont fit so cut it in pieces, if you cut it cut it in big pieces.
  6. Put it on the fire for about 45-60 minutes.
  7. Check the meat if it is very well cooked.
  8. In Mexico this is a very traditional plate, so people eat it in corn tortillas, with salsa, and some drops of lime juice.
  9. After you take the nopal leaves, and the lamb out of there, you'll see that looks like a soup but very greasy, so you can take the grease out with a spoon, and serve it, without the chillies, the tomato, and the potatoes.
  10. Add some lime juice and enjoy it.

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