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About 2 years back I was very very crazy for "Barazek" and "Masriyah". Those were the first things to go into my shopping cart. I made these today for my cousin whose travelling back home tomorrow and for the guys who work with dad. EVERYONE loved these. I served these with hot tea this evening. Infact, I have plans now to make these for Sankranti next year(a festival we celebrate every year on 14th Jan when we must necessarily eat food made using sesame seeds and/or jaggery!) I halved this recipe and I did not use pistachios as I didn't have those on hand. I did use 1/4 cup warm milk(low-fat) in addition to the 3tbsps. mentioned here(Note that even though I halved the recipe, I did not halve the 3tbsps. of milk). Also, I did toss in the sesame seeds and honey into the egg-flour mixture in step 5 itself as the dough did seem to be very very dry. With honey being added(again, I did use 1/3 cup honey and didn't halve that) it became easy to knead the dough with my greased(with ghee) hands. These made 23 cookies for me( about an inch and a half or so in size). I baked these at 180C for 15 minutes in my oven that had been preheated at the same temperature. These came out beautiful! Oh, and yes, before baking these, I did drizzle honey on each cookie(a generous amt) and then baked them. They're a beauty and I enjoyed making them. Thanks for sharing, Angela!

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Charishma_Ramchandani February 04, 2003