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An excellent recipe! (and my favourite version of it - I prefer it to those made with yeast, North Wales style.) As an Brit I'm unusal because I don't like the tannin flavour of Tea, so I like this best with the tea being very weak, although really it should be normal strength. An extremely easy cake to make and very strongly recommended - thanks for posting! (P.S. I like it best served cold, a few days after it was made (like most cakes), just as it is without any butter or topping (which is traditional) although according to most of the Welsh folk I know it's normally eaten buttered nowadays. It's like a very nice, rich fruit cake - a recipe that is so easy and nice you'll won't stop at making it once :) I usually add a few glace (crystallized) cherries into the fruit - hardly traditional, but I like cherries! My photos show it made in a round cake tin because I don't have a large enough loaf tin - this makes it difficult to slice and it is definitely better to bake in a large loaf tin. (about 3lb loaf size).

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Ethan UK November 02, 2006
Bara Brith.