Total Time
216hrs 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 216 hrs

Yup. I went ahuntin' and got me a Moose. Then this fellar down at the fillin' station gives me this recipe. Hoppin' yea like it!

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  2. Make sure moose is dead.
  3. Put moose on skewer or ina a very, very, very large skillet.
  4. Cook over medium-high heat until done, about 9 days, basting occasionally with all the other stuff mixed together -- 'cept the beer.
  5. Drink the beer.
  6. Serve the moose with Potatoes Anna and a asparagus souffle.


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This was TERRIBLE! My wife and I had the hardest time getting the moose on a skewer (which broke) so we improvised and used the drive shaft from our now disassembled farm tractor (a nice 1964 John Deere). We tried to use our pig barbecue pit... a disaster! We ended up digging a new hole in our front lawn and filling it with charcoal. (The fire department sent us a letter about that) After finally getting the moose (on the John Deere skewer) over the smoldering coals we realized we were low on fuel (for the tractor). It costs a lot of money in fuel to turn a moose skewer by tractor for 9 straight days! Which, by the way should be noted as an estimate... We calculated (too late): an 800 lb moose @ 10 minutes per pound = 8000 minutes into 60 minutes = 133.33 hours into 24 hours a day = 5.5 days. Our moose turned out very dry. Another note: gut and bleed the moose properly. We made the mistake of trying to clean out the entrails by reaching in through the anus. My wife's arms were just not long enough to reach all the way in... Needless to say I had to resort to other means. A spreader, a hoe and a small rake finally worked. BTW, we also forgot to hose the inside down and drain it before cooking. We thought it a good idea at this point to stuff the body cavity with seasonings and vegetables. We placed all of our harvested onions, celery, carrots, and potatoes inside the moose (next time we'll save some in case things do not turn out). In the end we still ate the whole moose as we had placed our winter provisions into this dish and moose season doesn't open again 'til next year. We froze the leftovers.

Chef Boyar 'D' February 16, 2008

You forgot the watercress stuffing!

Chef Shadows December 01, 2007

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