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This gets a five for taste, it really is a great tasting dessert. I did take away one star for method, due to the danger of heating a sealed can. I realise that this is an old method, that many have done with no serious side effects, but even the Eagle Brand site recommends against it and gives alternatives to get the same caramel results, without the risk of injury from contents under pressure exploding. I used the following method - poured two 300ml cans of Eagle Brand into a pie plate. Covered the top with aluminum foil, then placed inside a baking pan. Filled the baking pan halfway up the pie pan with water, and placed inside a pre-heated 425 F oven for 1.5 hours. The end product was a deep amber caramel. It did have a few lumps in it when I stirred it - I corrected this by heating it on med-low heat for about five minutes while stirring. I did enjoy this recipe Paja, and I hope for safety's sake you'll reconsider the method you are using to get the caramel.

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Minxkat1 January 17, 2005
Banoffi Pie