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Mmmm! True comfort food. My husband can't eat pork, so I used beef sausages instead. Still stasted good. Its easy to make. I served it with peas and honey/sesame carrot and it was wonderful. Do try it.

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Sandra Hyde November 09, 2002

Easy and flavorful - I think the choice of "bangers" have a lot to do with it, too. We use Johnsonville's Irish Garlic Sausage and slice it since it comes in rather large links. DH requests this dish about once a week. Thanks for the great recipe.

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Allison Williams November 02, 2003

I've used this recipe for its onion gravy several times, so thought I ought to weigh in. I just simmer kielbasa for 20 min. and use a good instant potato mix, but the gravy makes it special! There's only two of us eating it so I use 1 onion. We love it, thanks!

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Gen Moore September 28, 2007

Did I do something wrong? The sauce was virtually flavor-free, I don't get it. I used good quality ingredients, but the tastebuds of both my husband and I must be out of whack. I've uploaded a picture... does it look right to you?

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Sandi (From CA) August 25, 2005

I am not really a sausage fan but will have them once in awhile as my husband and son love them...in saying that when I do have them I like to serve them with mashed potatoes...I did like the creamed onion gravy with these..(I tend to make a brown onion gravy)..so this was something a little different. Thanks for sharing.

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Evie* June 07, 2005

When I told Mike what we were having for dinner he got a bit annoyed saying British food has no taste and its horrible. Boy did we prove hom wrong, HA! I did make a few changes tho. I like my sausages very brown, almost black, so I cooked them on high in a pan first until they were the right color and then put them in the oven while I did everything else. I then cooked the onion in the same pan without cleaning it out, to get the flavor of the sausages. I did not add the water right away, I sauted the onion a little first and then add the water which deglazed the pan of the sausage dripping. My gravy was probably a darker color than it should have been because of this. I could not find any of the sausages that other reviewers mentiond so I use fresh, sweet Italian sausages in stead. Everything else was done as instructed except to serve I placed the sausages in the pan with the gravy and served the potatoes (and peas) on the side (I have issues with stacking and mixing foods). I wasn't sure what type of mustard to serve it with so I placed a few varieties on the table. We loved it with the Colman's mustard. Very good, very filling, very much comfort food. I will keep this in the rotation. Thanks for a great meal.

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Ilysse February 07, 2005

quality! what is your preferred banger? i like porkinsons myself or a nice cumberland ring

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Stephen Dunne January 07, 2004
Bangers and Mash with Creamed Onion Sauce