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This recipe was so much fun to play around with. I decided to make this because it reminded me of what my mom use to serve my siblings and I for breakfast while growing up (sliced bananas in a bowl of milk with sprinkled cinnamon/sugar on top). I always have a sugar/cinnamon Tupperware container in the cabinet (we use it on toast quite often, so I make about a cup at a time and store it). I sliced the 1st banana and followed the instructions exactly. Fabulous! The other banana I decided to combine the thoughts of the other reviewers, and got somewhat creative! (Instructions said to try various ways, right?) I sliced the 2nd banana 'very thin'. I also had leftover frozen, sliced strawberries that were already thawed and soaking in a simple syrup (that I had made for a different recipe). I grabbed a leftover, solid milk chocolate Easter bunny and grated him up. Took a handful of mini marshmallows and used a rolling pin to smash 'em kinda flat. (Can you see where I'm going with this?) Here is what I did... I took the sliced banana and strawberries and coated them in the grated chocolate. In the center of each wonton wrapper, I place a chocolate coated banana slice, then a smooshed marshmallow, then the chocolate coated strawberry slice and closed them up! OMG... These would be terrific for a kids finger food! (I even got out my whipped cream to dip them in)! I had a WONDERFUL breakfast this morning!!! :) I love the original version with just the cinnamon/sugar (very tasty), but the 2nd batch was to die for! Thank you so much for posting this recipe. Definately making these again... with many variations! (Made for PRMR - Spring 2013)

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rosie316 May 03, 2013

These were fabulous! I tried plain banana, with cinnamon, with butterscotch chips, with strawberries and strawberries without banana. They were all good. the best was plain banana and banana with butterscotch. I think they would be great with fondue. :D

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Nyteglori July 24, 2011

These were lovely! I halved the recipe, using 1 banana, and got 10 wontons. They were quick and easy, and push a bowl of vanilla ice cream over the top. I also really enjoyed how the bananas were all melt-y inside the wrapper. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, duonyte, and for expanding my wonton repertoire!

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alligirl July 21, 2011
Bananas Wonton