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I made this for the DS and DM so made as a 2 serve dessert (I did.not use chocolate shavings but did serve with cream and strawberries), I used the microwave for the recipe but had issues for a 900 watt oven the mixing of the melted butter (previously melted it before adding to the brown sugar etc.but felt that 3 minutes was too way much as it melted it to candy status once baked with the bananas). The mud sauce I did in 30 seconds and took 1 minute 30 seconds but in the rush of serivng forgot the sour cream so ended with a thick mud sauce that was enjoyed by the DS and DH. It wasn't till I went to review that I had erred and cooked the bananas for 10 minutes in the microwave which was much to long and they sort of collapsed a little but the DS and DM gobbled up the lot and really enjoyed, thank you for an occasional treat dessert for the DM and DS, made for Make My Reipe - Renuion Ediition.

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I'mPat December 07, 2012
Bananas in Chocolate Mud