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I used dark rum as i did not have apricot brandy and i also added a choped down bounty bar to this, my boyfriend was so surprised when he came home and we had this for our engagement-anniversery-tread :) Optional (or not so optional)garnish: Vanilla icecream!

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Iceland August 24, 2007

Mmmmmm! We (DH and me) buy between 12 and 15 bananas a week here and usually run out before the week ends. We love bananas because they are good, but also because they are so good for you! This was a wonderful dessert! We used PeachTree Schnapps in place of the brandy. We didn't need ice cream or garnish. We just devoured the bananas with coconut sprinkled on top. YUM YUM!

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RigelBee February 25, 2007

I like to give it 10 STARS (guess I'll have to review twice)! A Wonderful dessert! Of the ZWT 2006 tour this is now our favorite. Because there are only two of us, I cut the recipe down to 2 bananas. And to the brandy I added a little additional apricot preserves for a little more sweetness. Served it with ice cream. DH had his with peanut garnish and I had mine with coconut. We fought like kids over the leftovers . . . Definitely a keeper. Thanks SO much for sharing!

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Galley Wench June 30, 2006

I cut it to two bananas for two of us, and proportionately cut the remaining ingredients. I had to substitute peach liquer, the closest thing to apricot brandy I had on hand. I also served it with vanilla ice cream instead of the sour cream. It was unique and absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing this one.

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PanNan June 27, 2006

Astonishingly, I had apricot brandy to hand, and these were delicious! I scaled it down to a one banana quantity (just for me!) but used equivalent to two persons worth of liquid. I used a little toasted coconut. Yum!

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SugaredAlmond June 21, 2006

Sure enjoyed this. I used 3 bananas for the 2 of us, brandy in place of apricot brandy,omitted coconut and peanuts, & served it up with the sour cream (& splenda) mix. Incredibly yummy. The toasted coconut suggestion that was made by Kaarin appeals to me, and we're going to have apricot brandy on hand for next time. MMMMMMMMMMM!

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woodland hues January 08, 2006

WOW! I just can’t wait to make these again. They were SO delicious. This was a recipe I somehow just didn’t get to make during the Zaar World Tour, but I’m SO happy to have discovered it now. I’ve already emailed it to several friends. It was unbelievably simple and easy to make, looked appealing and smelled and tasted absolutely sensational! A great dinner party dessert, but seriously: don’t hold off making these until then. I used brown sugar and because I had run out of cinnamon, I used allspice. It caramelised beautifully. I didn’t bother with rolling the banana pieces in the allspice/sugar mixture: just sprinkled a generous quantity on top of the bananas. I didn’t have any apricot brandy, so I added a cup of champagne and a cup of strawberry liqueur to the orange juice. And I used chopped pecans. These would be great with any liqueur or spirit: basically with whatever takes your fancy! Tomorrow, I’m buying some more bananas and some cinnamon. To run out of cinnamon: ridiculous! When I make these next, within the next day or two, I’m going to make more of the wonderful sauce than is specified in the recipe. It was so delicious that two of us used our fingers to eat up a couple of drops that spilled onto the table while they were being served! We ate these at room temperature with cream, but they’d also be excellent warm and with ice cream or yoghurt. A true 5 star +++++ recipe, which I recommend unreservedly. Thank you so much, toni, for sharing another fabulous recipe!

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bluemoon downunder January 01, 2006

These were wonderful! I did not have apricot brandy so I put some cognac in the food processor with some homemade apricot preserves - ohhhhhh dandy!!!!! This really made this dish worthwhile! I also used a very very ripe plantain as it was still firm but soft and good for cookin!!! And as you can tell i added ALL the optional ingredients LOL! I mixed the sour cream with powdered sugar --- ohh my!!!!

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NcMysteryShopper October 21, 2005

I just happened to receive a lovely bottle of home made apricot brandy recently...and this recipe was worth it's use! I halved the recipe, but ended up using only 3 bananas since I ran out of the cinnamon sugar mixture, but it was still delish. I topped with coconut; I think toasted coconut would be great on this. Didn't think the garnish was necessary, as the bananas were pretty and tasty on their own. I enjoyed this, thanks!

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Kaarin October 13, 2005
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