Banana Walnut Breakfast Shake

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 1 min

I created this shake as its fast, healthy and keeps me full for hours. I don't have time for a traditional breakfast so I make this in the mornings. The walnuts give it a nice thick consistency and the fats in nuts are very good for us. I enjoy making it every morning. I love that it tastes like a banana milkshake, without the empty calories!!!

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  1. Add above ingredients in to a blender. Blend till all are combined and the shake is nice and smooth. Enjoy!
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I made it exactly as the recipe states and this is one of my favorite shakes ever. I love the flavor the walnuts add and since there was no ice or frozen ingredients nothing melted, keeping the shake nice and thick the whole time I was drinking it. Made for I recommend tag game.

Chef Jean September 02, 2011

Delicious. I used strawberry-banana yogurt and strawberry-flavour soy milk, and am looking forward to more experimentation.

redgirl January 13, 2010

As many smoothies & shakes as I've made, I don't think I've ever considered including nuts, but in this one it definitely works! Will admit, too, that I used a frozen banana & also included a small scoop of protein powder (the latter being something I usually add to all my smoothies)! Thanks for opening my eyes to including nuts! [Tagged, made & reviewed in New Kids on the Block tag]

Sydney Mike November 05, 2009