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I was so excited when I tagged this recipe in 123 Hit Wonders and, having made it twice, I'm still excited by it and am looking forward to experimenting with it further. I had never tried banana with sweet potatoes and loved the idea. I took heed of Juli B's Hive's experience of her potatoes being a little dry and went to the Zaar Kitchen Dictionary. On the strength of what I found there, I added a couple of teaspoons of orange juice with the egg yolks. That, of course, also added another citrus flavour. YUM! I also added about 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and the second time I made this, I added some chopped walnuts at the end of step five. I love nuts in recipes if I can squeeze some in. Just loved everything about this, Kate. Thank you so much for sharing it. Sorry to have been so slow in reviewing it. When I'm on holidays, I cook a lot more but seem to be less organised in completing reviews.

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bluemoon downunder January 17, 2009

This was all right, but I think it did not have enough bananas in it. The taste was good, and it was easy to make though. It was a nice side dish to dinner. Made for 1-2-3 hit wonders.

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weekend cooker December 29, 2008

Made just half a batch and I didn't think one banana could enhance a recipe that much but this one did. We enjoyed the taste but the mixture was dry even after I fork-fluffed and added a bit of butter but that could be due to one more-than-medium-sized potato I had to use. Will do this again, to be sure. Made for the Photo Tag.

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Julie B's Hive December 10, 2008
Banana Sweet Potatoes