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Oh, this is SO good! I rarely use butterscotch chips, as they seem to overpower most recipes, but in this case they add the crunch and easily balance out the banana. In fact, the chips were my favorite part! I'd love to see this cake made into muffins with the chips stirred right into the batter so I could get one in every bite! :) The cake is very moist, with a delicious banana flavor throughout and the crunchy top and bottom is a unique idea. I'm usually a glaze or frosting kinda gal, but I took Mary's advice and just sprinkled powdered sugar on top. It was perfectly sweetened and I don't think even my sweet tooth would have loved it as much if it had been glazed. Thanks so much for posting your recipe, Mary!

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**Tinkerbell** March 28, 2011
Banana Sour Cream Crunch Cake