Banana Pudding (Raw Recipe)

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

It doesn't get more simple that this. A tasty raw dessert, snack or you could even add water and turn it into baby food for a little one!

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  1. Blend banana and avocado until smooth and fluffy.
  2. Chill til ready to serve, at which time top with pistacios as a garnish.
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It's tasty... because it's banana and avocado. It's simply not pudding. There's nothing you can add to this to make it taste like pudding.<br/><br/>It just tastes like you blended a banana.

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The fruits go well together but the colour is a little odd. Still yummy and good for my raw dieting. Made for Veggie Swap 24 ~ July 2010 ~

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This dessert was very, very good! The green color is a little in-congruent with the banana flavor, but it is yummy just the same. I added a little vanilla and a smidge agave syrup because my bananas were speckled (ripe), but not as sweet as they could have been. Thank you JanuaryBride for posting. We'll be making this again soon.