Banana Pecan Crêpes

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Total Time
20 mins
15 mins

This recipe is one I love from Repas Minute.

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  1. In a mixing bowl, mix the pancake mix with the milk, egg, and vegetable oil. Mix with fork beating till smooth.
  2. Add the chopped pecans.
  3. Mix well to coat all the pecans into the mix.
  4. On a greased hot griddle or hot non-stick pan, pour
  5. a small amount of batter.
  6. Once the tiny bubbles form atop the pancake, turn the crêpe and cook till lightly brown on each side.
  7. Cut the banana in two and then cut each half lengthwise.
  8. Place a half banana in middle of crêpe.
  9. Then place a pat of soft butter and sprinkle some chopped pecans over banana.
  10. Roll each crépe like a cigar and place onto warm serving dish.
  11. Serve with maple syrup.
  12. Note: You may want to heat the stuffed crêpes in microwave for one minute before serving.