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These were absolultely delicious!! I made two batches, one with nuts and one without (because I don't care for nuts, myself, but my family likes them). They were incredible. The only thing I would say is they are a tad dry... not so bad that you don't enjoy them, just a little. Maybe consider adding more buttermilk next time?? Other than that they are so tasty!! Thanks again for a wonderful recipe that I will make often!!

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ShortyBond January 29, 2006

These were good dense muffins! They were better the first day as they did become dry very fast - maybe because of the whole wheat flour? Added some mini chocolate chips instead of walnuts and zapped them in the microwave with a bit of butter... they were divine!!! Thanks Ev! :)

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Redsie December 13, 2007

I made these muffins this morning minus the nuts. Delicious banana muffins! I had to double (and more) the recipe because I used the Buttermilk Substitute recipe for the buttermilk, which makes a cup, and I accidentally without thinking dumped the entire thing of buttermilk into the bowl. Duh moment! Anyway, I added more of everything and they thankfully turned out perfect!! The rise beautifully and are a nice moist muffin with a crisp top. I love the addition of the wheat flour. Great recipe Evelyn!

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Dine & Dish May 26, 2005
Banana Nut Muffins