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Wow! Were these ever good! Initially I was attracted to the unusual ingredients in this recipe; walnut oil, potato starch, etc. not the usual staples required for muffin making. The muffins were exceedingly moist (the walnut oil no doubt) and I particularly loved the addition of cinnamon, a nice, delicate balance with the banana and walnuts. Hubby thought they were a little bit sweet but I thought they were just right, I suppose sugar to taste will vary slightly from one to another. These are definitely a keeper in our house. I’m submitting a photo of these tasty morsels and I would encourage anyone to indulge themselves in baking up a batch of these marvelous muffins!

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HOUSEMANAGER (Charlene) July 14, 2002

I found this recipe by accident, but I'm very glad I did. I whipped up a batch of these last night to have for our Passover breakfast on Thursday, but they didn't survive the tasting. I needed to make another two batches this morning, and they are already in the freezer. Gay, these are superb. I didn't have any cream of tartar that was kosher for Passover, so I just did without, and they came out fine. This is an ideal Passover recipe.

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Mirj March 26, 2002

I promised months ago to made these muffins for the Gay and Troy tribute.Sorry Gay,I am so far behind in my reviews. My Dh loved these muffins,and I have made them a couple times for him.Other than having problems finding some of the ingredients, they were easy to make.I thought the texture of the muffins were heavy,( if that makes sense)but DH said he liked them like that. TY for a recipe that makes hubby happy!:0)

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Chef 920429 December 14, 2003

I made these muffins today while visiting here at my brother and SIL's place in Alberta, Canada. These wonderful muffins went over bigger than I thought they would. I used walnuts in the recipe. They were just right and not too sweet, the way I like them. Thanks Gay!

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Shirl (J) 831 June 08, 2006

These muffins were amazing! I didn't have cream of tartar either so I left it out and they came perfect. Very light and moist, couldn't tell at all that it was a passover recipe. I'd make these all year round.

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jeancala April 17, 2006

Wonderful, However I wasn't paying attention to the first batch and I browned them a little, but my kids still ate them.

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Jeff Hixson September 26, 2002
Banana Nut Muffins