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Made this for my grandkids, they are so into the sweetened cereals, this seemed like a healthy alternative. They loved it.

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L DJ August 12, 2002

Not too sweet (like most Granola) but certainly my new favorite healthy snack!

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niko vivian November 29, 2003

This recipe needs to be revised. It became delicious once I halved the oats and doubled the banana/date mixture. I also boiled the sweetened coconut in with the dates and blended that and it worked very well. Also, I added some pumpkin pie spice mixture and extra nutmeg and cinnamon, wheat germ, flax seeds, and brown sugar. Thanks for inspiring me to do this twice.

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Heather V. January 26, 2007

I made a 1/2 batch of this granola, but doubled the bananas. I mixed in pecans with the oats. My recipe was quite "oaty". I'm thinking maybe I will maybe add more banana, and maybe extra liquid to the dates. I liked the texture and the clumping where oats met up with the dates.

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Nickeletta June 25, 2006

No fat. No sugar. No good? No way! This stuff gets a full 5 stars for flavor and for healthiness! I made a half recipe and used 3/4 vanilla extract and 1/4 orange blossom water (a nice addition, if I do say so myself!) For the half recipe, I used 1 cup total 'goodies- about a quarter unsweetened coconut, then the rest divided between sliced almonds and walnuts. I reduced the salt to just a pinch as we don't find the need for our baked goods to taste salty. ;) Let me get one thing straight- I think this is a fantastic recipes- it tastes great, with a lightly sweet banana flavor and I love that there is no oil or refined sugars. But I do have a couple issues- I think there are too many oats for the amount of liquid. It was rather hard to get all my oats covered, and it was kind of crumbly and a little too oaty-tasting (and not banana-y enough!) at the end. Some of the pieces did stick together and formed the lovely clusters characteristic of commercial granola and this is the first homemade recipe I have tried that gave me that result (yay!) So, next time I make this- I would probably reduce the oats by a cup or a cup and a half (that's 2-3 cups less for the full recipe) so that all my oats get moistened and form lovely clusters, full of banana nut flavor! Also, I did cook this the full 2 hours and while my oats did get drier, they didn't really brown at all. I would really like them to be at least a little toasted- after all, this is granola, not museli. So next time, I will try this at a higher cooking temperature, perhaps 300F or 325F. I also think that fruit is a nice addition to this which also helps sweeten this a bit more (not that its not sweet enough, its just not terribly sweet)- BF added dried cranberries to his bowl. I was thinking maybe raisins would be okay...maybe dried banana chips? Anyhow, I do think that this is a wonderful recipe in many respects, but I do feel that it needs some tweaking. Thanks, Dancer^- I will make this again!!

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Roosie November 13, 2004

Well, I have found my new favorite granola. I love granola but it is usually so high in fat. This is not low calorie, but with no added sweetener or fat (other then the fruit & nuts) it is wonderful. I made a half batch and used oklahoma pecans. It is wonderful over ice cream or with milk. Thanks so much!

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ladypit September 15, 2004

I reduced the dates a lot to bring down the calories and used two bananas for a half-batch instead of one. I also just mashed by hand and didn't use a blender...it was delcious! I eat this muesli-style soaked in milk overnight and it is easy and awesome.

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jellie April 16, 2004
Banana Nut Granola