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Very very good, very very easy.. intense in flavor!!!! Great Xmas gifts,thanks!

Re made again the other day. I added in about 4 Tbsp banana liquor, even better!

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Amberngriffinco June 30, 2012

I made two batches of this to give away as christmas gifts. It set up beautifully and really does taste like banana bread batter! The pectin measurement specified is very misleading - the boxes of powdered pectin are only 1.75 ounces per box while liquid pectin comes in 3 ounce packets (usually sold in a box containing 2 3 ounce packets.) When I first read through the recipe and saw box of pectin I assumed powdered but on second read through I noticed the 3 ounces and used 1 pouch of liquid pectin. I got three pints out of this recipe plus a little container of extra that I stuck in the fridge. I made a bunch of different flavors of jam for christmas gifts and with all of the "extras" I had in the fridge I made thumbprint cookies that I took to work so people could sample the flavors and pick what kind of jam they wanted. Everyone raved about this banana jam and it was the first flavor to go!!

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anonymous January 02, 2011

I made a banana cake and used this for in between the layers it is yummy!

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Angelia J. September 19, 2014

I just made this and added a splash of vanilla extract. I also used 1 box of the powdered pectin rather than the liquid. I just started making jelly/jam this summer. It isn't pretty to look at. However, my house smells great and it tastes AMAZING!

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craftytchrlady July 17, 2011

I had to make this a couple of times to get it to taste like I believe it should. When I made this the 1st time, I used pecans in place of the walnuts and followed the 3 cups pureed banana but didn't realize until the 2nd attempt that I use box powdered pectin. When I saw on here that it says "1 (3 ounce) box pectin" And thought "Oh Dear Lord!!" it's only 1.75 ounce. I had to investigate and realize that it wasn't really my fault because the recipe doesn't state liquid pectin or powdered pectin. The recipe must be assumed it's liquid pectin because Liquid pectin comes in 6 ounces with 2 pouches in it. I only used the 1 box of powdered pectin. But the 1st time made, It did made 3 pints, but it was very sweet and way to rich in pecan taste that it tasted like pecan pie verses Banana Nut Bread. As what everyone was saying. They could barely taste the bananas....having said that, the 3 cups for me was only 4 bananas. I guess I had huge suckers. So I attempted a 2nd batch, this time with the 10 bananas, pureed. And replacing the walnuts again with pecans...I tasted banana, but I had to triple the cinnamon and nutmeg...Followed the rest of the directions and man oh man...it tasted like banana bread that I make. SO having said this. The recipe is really good. I would toss out the cup measurement of the banana puree and go for the 10 bananas, because that hits the spot.

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mis7up April 13, 2010

This makes really good jam. I used pecans instead of walnuts. It was really thick and I was afraid it would scorch before I could add the sugar, so I added a little water to the bananas. We have eaten it on toast and also ice cream. I am planning to make more to give as gifts at Christmas.

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karky August 24, 2009

I made this the other day, I haven't tried it yet, but it looks really good. I did use only 1 cup of nuts, I think 1-1/2 cups would be too much. I did get 3 pints exactly. I can't wait to try it. Thanks!

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children from A to Z June 07, 2007
Banana Nut Bread Jam