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Novice with a new panasonic bread machine. It doesn't have a cake setting, just a bake setting which starts at 30 minutes. I guessed that would be too short so upped it to 50 and it worked perfectly.
I didn't have the regular flour so used flour from a big bag of Krusteaz buttermilk pancake mix and light brown sugar. I used two medium sized bananas (well ripened are best for this bread or you won't get the banana flavor as much). I also used fresh whipped cream from the local store since I couldn't find plain yoghurt or sour cream in the part of Korea where I live.
Sprinkled cinnamin over the top and added some very old pecans (about a 3/4 cup full). It turned out better than store bought banana bread. I would say be careful on the oil! Too much will make it too oily, but it does make this bread/cake very moist. I used olive oil and it did not affect the taste.
So surprised what a bread machine can do. It's like the Asian rice cookers - so convenient and taking the stress out of baking~! even for a guy who's just started baking for lack of good bread options in my area.

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safeguide August 04, 2012

I though this was way too doughy. It was wet like it wasn't fully cooked. I'll stick with the oven

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Pigtails1031 May 30, 2012

I used youghurt instead of sour cream, walnuts and splenda instead of sugar. I liked it, my son not so much, so for him I will use regular sugar next time!

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~*lil_miss_SBC*~ April 12, 2010

excellent! I didnt have "cake" setting, so I put it on basic and after about 5 min i added the bananas and nuts. This was easy to slice (once completely cooled), and didnt crumble when i put cream cheese on it! will definitely make again :) thanks!!

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leastcmplicated December 21, 2009

Making this for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, so I figured I should weigh in. The first loaf disappeared in minutes! It was that good. Very dense, moist and full of banana flavour. Like Chef Nina, I added 3 large eggs, 1/2 c brown sugar, and 1/2 c white sugar. I also added about a tsp of allspice instead of cinnamon or nutmeg. My bread machine is quirky, at best....I had to start it on "rapid" to get it to mix, but then actually bake it on "cake". It sat in the machine for about an hour before I realized it wasn't going to bake on "rapid", but it came out great anyway! The first time, I didn't have any baking powder, so I increased the baking soda to 1 tsp, and it was fine. It was really delicious, although I only was able to snag a small piece from the kids!!

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stacya100 October 21, 2009

This was so wonderful with cream cheese! I only modified slightly--the point of me having a bread machine is for it to be simple, so I didn't beat the eggs or measure/mash the bananas first. My bananas had been frozen, though, so they were already soft when they thawed. I used two, and I think one more would have been perfect. I put in all the wet ingredients (banana too), then all the dry (I added nuts here). I used the "sweet" cycle on my machine (3h40m). I was worried when I peeked a couple times and it looked like soup, but by the end we had an awesome loaf of bread! My bread only came out half as big as I'd hoped, it was square instead of oblong, lol. But it was really dense and had great texture. Maybe I'll double it this time to get that whole loaf. Thanks, Amber!

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MissChiChi July 01, 2009

I actually found this recipe on several other web sites, which credit it as being from a Zoji Home Bakery Recipe Book (apparently a different version than mine, because my Zoji didn't come with this recipe). There are some slight discrepancies between this recipe and the one I found, but they are otherwise practically the same, down to the wording of the instructions. (I only mention this because I wouldn't be reviewing this recipe if I weren't sure that the one I used was the origin of this one. I found this one on Zaar and wanted to add it to my cookbook.) Since I was using a Zoji bread machine, I followed the original instructions of using 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup banana. This produced a good banana bread. The bread was moist enough, and could probably be made even more moist with some tinkering to the recipe. You can get better (and worse!) banana bread from other non-bread machine recipes, but for the ease of making this in the bread machine, it really can't be beat. I will make this recipe often as a breakfast bread for my family, but if I were going to be making banana bread to give as gifts, I think I would stick to one of my other non-bread machine recipes. If you buy "red tape" bananas (the ones on sale because they are over-ripe) and freeze them, you will always have the perfect bananas on hand to throw together this quick and easy recipe. (Just remember to peel them before freezing!)

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Heaven's Kitchen March 22, 2009
Banana Nut Bread for the Bread Machine