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My sweet-tooth husband loved this banana cake. I did make a couple of changes--butter instead of shortening, and pecans instead of walnuts. I found it too sweet--and duh!--found out I misread my own writing, and added too much brown sugar. I'm sure it will be better the next time--and think I will cut the sugar to 1 cup, even forgetting my "mistake." Thank you, and thanks to grandmother!

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Chef Carolyn H. September 20, 2009

I too will give this 5 stars. I did make 3 minor adjustment, I replaced the sour milk with sour cream, replaced shortening with unsalted butter and used Vanilla Beans. I doubled the recipe and got 8 mini loaves as I prepare a lot of freezer food for my parents to help them out. Very moist and YUM!!

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Tre3Stars November 23, 2008

Yum! I just finished baking this delightful loaf...and already gobbled up 2 pieces! I chose this recipe over the other banana breads as it had brown sugar in it and very few ingredients...I also tend to be partial to grandma recipes. And Mabel had a winner with this one ! I tweaked the recipe a wee bit...sorry...but I started out by doubling everything as I had 5 very large, very ripe bananas to use up.....I substituted margerine for the shortening and added raisons instead of nuts (personal preference). I also used 3 extra large eggs instead of 4 (all I had). This turned into 3 good sized loafs of banana bread. I am freezing one, giving one to my son, and hope the other one will still be around when hubby gets home from work tonight! Thanks, Lisa for a wonderful addition to my keeper file!

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cfletcher August 11, 2006
Banana Loaf Cake