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I also had trouble with these fritters. The batter is too runny to make balls so I just dropped spoonfuls into the oil. They took a very long time to brown & then they were greasy. I ended up throwing out the cooked ones & using the batter for something else. Made for ZWT6 - No-Nonsense Nibblers

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Nasseh May 31, 2010

delicious. I ended up shallow frying these as i do potato pancakes or corn fritters after reading the review. Subbed splenda for the sugar.

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MarraMamba May 31, 2010

These were okay- didn't really go over too well at my house. Plus, I really had trouble making these. The batter was too moist to shape- even though I added more flour, but then had to add more coconut creme for flavor- and didn't fry well,either. And, I should have read NorthwestGal's review to the end about the draining. Mine were flat lil' balls with paper stuck to the bottom. SRY- made for Xtra Hot Dishes of ZWT6.

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kellychris May 28, 2010

These were crunchy balls of banana. My DH is a big banana fritter fan and gave these 5 stars. He drizzled maple syrup over them. Made for ZWT 6 The Indonesian/Malaysian name for these little dumplings is jemput jemput.

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Sri S. May 25, 2010

These were great tasting, and I can see that the versatility of serving them as either a side dish to a spicy Asian meal, or even a quick snack. But I had a little difficulty preparing them. The batter was of a pudding consistency and could not be rolled into a ball (as the recipe instructred). I thought about adding extra flour to thicken it, but was concerned about whether extra sugar should be added to compensate for the additional flour. So I abandoned that idea and decided to just drop spoonfuls of batter into the hot oil. And that worked out OK, although they flattened out and were not ball-shaped as stated in the recipe instructions. Then I did as the recipe instructed and let them drain on paper towels. And most of the paper towel had stuck to the bottoms of the fritters and could not be removed. So I would recommend another way of allowing the excess oil to be absorbed (on a clean linen cloth, perhaps ??). But they were tasty, and I would make these again, just modifying the way I chose to absorb the excess oil from the fritters. My batter produced 18 fritters (and the smaller they were, the easier they were to turn).

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NorthwestGal May 24, 2010
Banana Fritters