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SO Delicious!! Thought I would take a risk and try a recipe that hadn't been reviewed - and it was so worth it. Cupcakes were very moist and flavorful, and the icing was to die for! I did add additional peanut butter (about 1 cup total) because I wanted a stronger flavor. I think I might try putting some peanut butter chips or mini chocolate chips in the cupcakes next time!

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jesrn2000 March 07, 2013

****Current rating is for cupcakes only**** (We'll be making the frosting next time). These are awesome! I made them with canola oil in place of butter and went ahead and used 2 whole eggs. These rose up beautifully, were moist and had great flavor. It made 12 very full cupcakes. I can only imagine how they would taste with the Peanut Butter Frosting. We'll be making these again when the bananas are too ripe. Recipe is from the Bon Appetit website.

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Larawithoutau July 23, 2013
Banana Cupcakes W/ Peanut Butter Frosting