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The topping was too much ingredients - try cutting back to about half of suggested if using a store bought pie crust shell. Way more than 20 minutes to prep, and make sure you have 3 bowls ready - a lot of mixing going on here. Used a deep dish crust, and the oven was a mess as it did rise over the top and onto the bottom. Somehow I believe this recipe is for 2 pies????

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duke1981 January 11, 2005

This was defferent from the pies that I usually make. I had bananas that I needed to use up and I didn't want to make bread so I tried this. The recipe didn't say if you used really ripe bananas or firm ones. Mine were really ripe. I didn't add the nuts so my pie didn't have the "crunch" but it was still good. My oldest daughter would eat the entire thing if I let her!!I used a deep dish pie plate and I would recommend using one b/c the pie puffed up quite a bit during baking.It settled back back as it cooled though. This is a definate use-up-your-bananas alternative to bread!! Very good!

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*Z* October 16, 2003
Banana Crunch Pie