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I have no idea if these are better the 2nd day because they are sooo amazing I had to review them immediately. I ate three before the 2nd batch had come out of the oven! I only made half the recipe. The instructions are excellent and the cookies are delicious. I used all butter instead of shortening. My banana was so ripe it was practically fermenting. I don't use chocolate chips but make my own (better chocolate and nice variety of sizes). I used 100 grams of 70%cocoa chocolate and it was perfect. Excellent recipe, will make again. Thanks for posting!

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dimensionally transcendental June 16, 2010

These were good but I guess I wanted or expected more of a banana flavor. I only used half the amount of chocolate chips, looked like a lot then, but they really overpowered everything. I wasn't sure how to get in more banana without messing it all up so if I do this one again I may have to play with it. Thanks NurseDi!

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Jockey July 19, 2007

These cookies are amazing! I won't know if they're better the next day because they won't last that long. I especially like that they don't have that cake-like texture that is so typical of banana cookies. I've already passed the recipe on to my cousin because she loved them too. I only used two cups of chocolate chips because that was all I had and we thought that was plenty. Thanks for posting my new favorite cookie recipe.

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Mom of 2 Hapas March 27, 2007
Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies