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I enjoyed it and one of my daughter's has a friend over. She loved it and wanted to know how I made it. My banana bread loving daughter hasn't had a chance to try it yet. DH, who was banana'd out this spring, said, "You aren't going to start shoving bananas at me again, are you?" He could taste the banana the very first bite. The shredded carrots in this bread created flecks of orange throughout the brown of this whole-grain floured bread; very pretty! Thanks for sharing this recipe Sue!

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Cindy Lynn September 09, 2002

I don't like banana bread, so I subbed a little. I used two eggs and one banana. The batter was dry, so I added three ounces of leftover beer. This came out just like banana bread, which was great for DH as he loves it. Thank you for an easy recipe!

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dogsandwoods January 14, 2009
Banana Carrot Bread