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WOW! This is truly a moist flavorable cake! I was so eager to make it that I didn't check to see that I had all the necessary ingredients. I didn't have any chocolate so I used 2 heaping Tbsp. of cocoa and milk instead of the cream. In spite of that, this cake was soooo good! I am thinking of serving it when I host a dinner party in September for my classmates and spouses simply because I know it will not fail me and they will all be impressed!

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Debaylady July 20, 2009

This cake is outstanding. The first time I made it, I followed the recipe exactly. The second time, I added more cream to the caramel and it seemed to soak into the cake a bit better for me. Excellent recipe, thanks for sharing!

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Threeblondies'mom June 13, 2009

I was looking for a banana cake to make my husband for his birthday and decided to give this a shot. He LOVED it, not too much banana flavor but a really good spice cake. A great item to serve to company with a cup of chai tea.

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Kats' Meow November 03, 2007

made this for a friend's birthday. was quite good, but for the amount of work it took, i expected something more. the topping did not soak that well into the cake, so it turned out a little odd looking with a too-thick layer of glaze on the top. thanks.

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hidenka mei mei November 03, 2007

I made this late last night, and forced myself to put it into the fridge unsampled. I didn't realize I had such willpower. At least for a short time, I had willpower. Now that I've had a piece, that's gone. This is absolutely the best cake I've ever eaten. It's even taken over my former first place winner, carrot cake. The only change I made to this was to bake it in a large (10x14?) corning dish, as I couldn't quite understand how to soak, flip, & flip using the bundt pan....is the flat side supposed to end up on top or the rounded, decorative side? Anyway, it turned out great, I just started testing it at 30 minutes & it was done perfectly at between 35-40 minutes. I used four bananas, as they were small and so overripe that they fell into pieces on their own. Just threw them in and did a quick whirl with the mixer...perfect chunks. The good chocolate is important, as are the pecans. And the spice mixture is right on. Thanks MarieAlice, as always, for another incredibly delicious recipe.

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Vina May 27, 2007

This cake was so simple to make - easy to-hand ingredients and so very delicious, out of all proportion to the effort that went into it! Hats off to MarieAlice for sharing this one! Thanks!

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mrsfabicons April 10, 2007

I saw this recipe yesterday when it was first posted and I was so smitten by the description and the possibility of it that I rushed right out, bought the ingredients, and baked it at 10pm when I got home. I *never* bake that late, so that shows you how antsy I was for this cake. it was so worth it though. my boyfriend and I spent about an hour in a sugar coma afterward, but it was worth it. this might be the richest, most decadent thing I've ever made, and that's saying a lot. it is truly scrumptious, and all my coworkers this morning are fighting over the leftovers. I did make some substitutions -- I used canola instead of sunflower oil, regular sugar instead of caster sugar, and then I omitted the milk and double cream and used 2 tablespoons of heavy cream. I think I actually used a bit more -- as the sugar was caramelizing, it was getting a little thick and I was worried that it wouldn't soak into the cake properly. I also didn't understand the last bit of directions concerning flipping the cake -- it sounded like the caramel would end up at the bottom and I certainly didn't want that. so I baked the cake in a tube pan and removed it like I remove any other cake. you must try this cake, if only to brag that your arteries survived the sugar rush and you lived to tell about it. I don't think I can make this too often because it really is so decadent and I don't think I could handle it, but that being said, I can't wait to make it again :)

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enigmused January 31, 2007
Banana Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cake