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This is much more cake like than I expected it to be with the egg in the crust but it isn't very moist and rather dense. Because of step on and step two I really expected the crust to be more of a shortbread and I expected the egg to be mixed in with the banana and caramel somehow. Adding the egg to the crust actually took me by surprise. My crust was much too doughy too divide and sprinkle so I just patted all of it down on the bottom of my pan. After cooking time I was pretty concerned about the topping because it was literally sliding all across the baked caked but I knew that more cooking would burn the cake so I pulled it out and let it cool. Upon cooling the banana and caramel mixture gelled up pretty well and stayed in place :) All in all not bad, just wasn't where my expectations for this were.

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invictus June 14, 2009
Banana Caramel Bars