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MMMMMMMMMM, if you like banana you really must try this! After a brief chat with Dreamer about the N'dizi prep before starting it went perfectly and I ended up with a delicious cake. I have to say that I did skip the whipped cream (this time) to save on some fat and calories, of which, I have been having way too much recently! I replaced the sugar with Splenda, used a heart healthy margarine and low fat yogurt. The little N'dizi were actually quite fun to make and are totally worthy of making alone as snacks or party nibbles. The small bit of lemon zest gave a nice perk to the cake and I think I'll try adding it to my next banana bread. This recipe is a total keeper and I'm thinking very hard on setting it aside in a safe place because I want to make it the way my mind pictured it the first time I read the ingredients: as a double layer using a stabilized version of the banana whipped cream as frosting. Alright now, on the count of 3 everyone drool. 1..2...................

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Annacia August 17, 2011
Banana Cake With Crunchy N'dizi and Banana Whipped Cream