Banana Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

Total Time
1hr 10mins
30 mins
40 mins

A very tasty banana cake. The recipe comes from the New York Times.

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  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. lightly grease and flour a 13x9-inch baking pan, shake out excess flour.
  3. Place cake mix, brown sugar and cinnamon in a large mixing bowl.
  4. Add mashed bananas, ONE CUP OF WATER, oil, eggs and if desired, liqueur.
  5. Blend with electric mixer on low speed 1 minute.
  6. Stop mixer and scrape down side of bowl with rubber spatula.
  7. Beat 2 minutes at medium speed until well blended.
  8. Pour into prepared pan, place on center rack of oven.
  9. Bake until lightly browned, About 40 minutes, toothpick inserted in center comes out clean Remove from oven, cool on wire rack.
  10. FROSTING: Place cream cheese and butter in large mixing bowl.
  11. Blend with mixer on low until combined.
  12. Add powdered sugar a little at a time, and blend on low speed until well mixed.
  13. Add flavoring and blend until fluffy.
  14. Use at once to frost cake.