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Oh my! This cake was so GOOD! I am really bad at making cakes but this cake was different. I had to substitute the sugar because I ran out of white sugar, so I used 1/4 cup white sugar and 2/4 cups of raw sugar. Also the three bananas I used were huge so they would normally equal to about four bananas. I used a 21 cms round cake tin and cook it longer then 30 minutes but I think it was my oven setting. Other wise I kept to the recipe. We ate this for an afternoon picnic, Little Miss (DD) decided it was her favourite dolls birthday so it ended up being a birthday cake. Everyone who ate a piece said it's one of the best cakes they have ever had tasted. I have never made a banana cake in my life but this is become my favourite. It was so easy that Little Miss (DD four year old) mixed everything up herself. Thank you Stacey Q for restoring my confidence with baking.

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Chef floWer September 15, 2007

Totally agree with Chef Flower... I can't bake cakes and have always struggled. Even I managed this cake and having shared it with flatmate and friends have received nothing but compliments are requests for second slices!! Didn't add any milk to mine and took the lazy option of using the food blender, but oh wow.... will so be enjoying this recipe again and again!

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JOinspain January 20, 2011
Banana Cake