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I make these often, it's a fantastic recipe! I substitute almond meal because I have so much left over from making almond milk. I also add about a cup of coarsely chopped pecans. And I don't use Splenda...so my version isn't exactly low carb. I just use organic sugar.<br/><br/>Highly recommend. Husband and baby both also love this.

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Kat.Slape June 02, 2014

Don't get me wrong, these are yummy, particularly for dessert. My 4-year-old especially enjoys them. But they are *incredibly* sweet ? and I have a sweet tooth. Splenda's cooking instructions indicate that you should use a 1 to .5 conversion of sugar to Splenda, and I don't think that happened here. 3/4 cup of sugar would be pretty normal in a muffin recipe, so this probably should have called for half that much Splenda.<br/><br/>Also, I sought out this recipe because I'm on a strict low-carb diet due to gestational diabetes. This isn't all *that* low-carb, because the food.com nutrition facts (read the fine print) don't include the Splenda or the almond flour. These muffins are not 11 grams of carbs, they're closer to 21 grams (if, like me, you use whole wheat flour instead of white). Cutting the Splenda in half would decrease that to about 16 carbs, and replacing half of the wheat flour with oats or flaxseed meal would take off another couple grams.<br/><br/>Nice base, but a few modifications necessary to make these again.

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Jenni L. January 05, 2014

I make these all of the time but I make a couple of substitutions. <br/><br/>I use unsweetened shredded coconut instead of splenda or other sugar substitute and instead of flour I use a packet of regular instant oatmeal. This makes them gluten free as well.<br/><br/>They do not raise really high but I don't find that an issue.

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Rebecca M. November 20, 2013
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