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*Made for Australia/NZ Swap #25*- WOW, Heydarl ! This just replaced my usual banana bread recipe ! Just FULL of flavor ! I used 3 smallish Costco bananas, which NEVER over-ripen, even while the skins turn black. They were still a tad firm, and mashing took more than usual effort. Beating in the flour mixture was a new experience -- just like brown sugar, a good description ! Very dry. The batter was very stiff and folding in the bananas was more effort than usual, and the batter clung together like a sticky ball. All this worried me -- but it baked beautifully in 55 minutes -- after I tried at 50, and the top center was still wet. No nuts -- personal preference. This will be my go-to recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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NurseJaney February 23, 2009

This recipe is awsome! It is very easy and not real sweet. I had gastric bypass surgery 22 months ago and I am not allowed to have any sugar. I had a slight taste for something sweet last night and made a loaf of this banana bread and it hit the spot. I have lost 265lbs since February 2007.

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saturngirl941 January 16, 2009
Banana Bread