Banana Berry Blast Green Smoothie

Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

This makes 4-5 cups. Use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie. Feel free to half the recipe. Enjoy!

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  1. Blend leafy greens and liquid together first (this helps avoid leafy chunks).
  2. Once it’s nice and creamy, add remaining ingredients and blend again. Enjoy!
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Great smoothie. The only change I made was to use 2% organic milk vs. the almond milk. Used fresh blueberries, strawberries and of course bananas. What a nice way to start out the morning. Made for Everyday is a Holiday tag, February, 2014.

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This was mine and my husband's first green smoothie. Neither one of us tasted the spinach when we drank them. I used frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, and fresh bananas. It was great. Next time, I will make it with strawberries instead of raspberries due to the seeds. Thanks so much for this post. Now I know I can drink green smoothies! I made this for "New Kids on The Block" tag game.