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I made this with almond milk, what I usually have on hand and enjoyed it! My mango wasn't really sweet, so I added a tbls. of honey. Thanks! Made for Australian Swap-Feb. 2010.

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Sharon123 February 14, 2010

Made this just the way it was written (though I did double the ingredient amounts for 2 tall drinks), using fresh mangoes & frozen bananas, but another time I'd make it easier on myself & & switch the frozen fruits around since I almost always have both frozen! Very, very nice tasting, & definitely something I'd be happy to make again! Thanks for sharing the recipe! {made for Zaar Stars tag game]

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Sydney Mike July 17, 2010

I made it with frozen mango and un-frozen bananas. I doubled it so there'd be enough to go around, but only used 12 ounces of vanilla soymilk. It was good and the kids liked it. Thanks!

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mliss29 February 23, 2010

Perfect thickness and tasty. I made a half a serving and it was just enough to fill up a martini glass. . .so pretty. Next time I would use more mango and less banana so that the $.20 banana would not overpower my $2 mango LOL. Made for MAKE MY RECIPE. Thanks Pat.

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JanuaryBride April 20, 2009

As I started on a long day yesterday, I knew I was going to have to make something amazing to keep up my strength. The night before, as instructed in the directions I placed my peeled and sliced banana in the freezer, wrapped in plastic wrap. I also put my ice cream maker dish in the freezer as well. In the morning I whirled up the rest of the ingredients, using fat-free vanilla soy milk and the mango, and finally put the frozen banana in the blender. I could of just eaten this right out of the blender, ( :) ) but instead, I then put this in the ice cream maker and let it stir in this for about 10 minutes. Oh LA LA. What came out was really, truly a slice of heaven. Nice and chilled, slightly thick and I just wanted everyone to leave me alone and went out on the back porch to watch the sun. Thank you so much for posting this delicious smoothie. Made for *Everyday is a Holiday* April 2009

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm April 19, 2009
Banana and Mango Smoothie