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loved these! made them this afternoon with my toddler - we`stirred in some extra chocolate chips (well, he did!) but otherwise followed the recipe. i actually got 19 muffins out of this!! they came out very moist, and i might just make them without the chocolate chips next time - they're that good! thnk for a great recipe Terese - i will be making these again and again.

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grapefruit February 10, 2008

LOVED it! Since we have bananas at our home all year around, I make them pretty often! Even though I have posted 2 of my own recipes for muffins/loaf, I thought of giving this a try since mine doesn't include cinnamon! I am sure 1 tsp of cinnamon would have been perfectly fine without it overpowering the other flavours but DH is not a big fan of it, so I added in only 1/2 tsp. We could taste it but not enough for DH to whinge! Only 3 of my bananas were 'very ripe' to use but they were quite large so I am sure it was a generous 1 1/2 cups (I was too lazy to measure :oops: ) Out of habit, I first creamed the butter and sugar, then added in the egg followed by bananas and vanilla and then the rest. They were baked within 20 mins and for some reason I got 16 muffins in all!! Not complaining since they turned out VERY moist and I am sure they are not going to last very long! Thank you, Terese, for sharing your wonderful recipe. I definitely will be making these again!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum February 05, 2008
Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffins