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This ended up tasting really good, but I had a few issues with the recipe. First off, it is really hard to make a recipe where the ingredients and steps in the method are all out of sync. Secondly, the recipe asks for garam masala and almond meal, but doesn't tell you when they need to go in (garam masala traditionally goes in at the end so that was what I did). Almonds are usually used as a thickener so I put them in towards the end too. And that was my third problem-the yoghurt sort of seized up when it hit the wok and curdled to a tight mass. I loosened it up with about a half cup of warm water then it was "OK". The cream at the end improved it a bit more, but it still looked a bit unappetising. However, like I say, in the end, the flavour was pretty good.

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JustJanS January 08, 2011

We loved this yummy balti and we did not have problems with the preparation.
I replaced the cream with a neutral light fresh cheese, because I had on open pack that I wanted to use. I forgot the cilantro which I love so much!
In any case this came out sooo delicious!

In the pasts, some kind of yogurt will curdle when heated on its own, but there are different solutions:
1) Use a stabilized yogurt or a yogurt that you know would not curdle.
2) One solution is to mix in a bit of flour (one teaspoon or so of flour, cornstarch, or chickpea flour per cup of yogurt), which will keep the yogurt together even when it boils.
3) Try a higher-fat yogurt. This is more resistant while boiling.
4) Add yogurt just at the end but don't heat too much and avoid boiling.

Now I have my favorite yogurt. It's a "normal" fat yogurt, a mild and not acid one.

Don't be afraid; try this recipe with the yogurt you would like to try, if it curdles, add some milk mixed with some flour! The experience will be useful for other recipes as well!

I combined this dish with the fantastic Charishma's Delicious Cumin (Jeera) Rice #107522 By Charishma_Ramchandani

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awalde September 20, 2011
Balti Chicken Pasanda