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We were gifted with a round zucchini, which we'd never seen and were delighted to find this recipe. I had some special balsamic that I'd been saving as well, and so I used it here. This was delicious!

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tamalita62 July 31, 2011

GREAT! I have never had round zucchini before but actually had some on hand and was excited to find this recipe. I'm not sure what they are like with the part I scooped out but that did have large pumpkin like seeds so it was probably better to remove it. This ended up with a great flavor and was more of a main dish for us. The only thing I think would improve it is using fresh oregano and adding the parmesan towards the end as both got kinda crunchy as is. Made for the ZWT4.

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Engrossed June 30, 2008

A wonderful 5* treat. Zucchini is getting to be, and probably always was such a versatile vegetable. I can't remember a year where I have used it so many ways. This recipe exemplifies the garden and the abundance of fresh tomatoes, and the humble zucchini. In the U.S. we have long(ish) zucchini~not round, but this worked perfectly. I followed this exactly, putting the little tomatoes on top of the mound of vegetables, bubbling and bursting with flavor all the way down to the zucchini. The parmesan cheese, firmly melted into the whole dish, and was as lovely to devour with a big spoon as it was to look upon. Thanks Kez! Made for *ZWT4* June 2008.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm June 25, 2008

Yummy !!! I left out the mushrooms (I'm allergic to them)so can't judge this recipe the full 100% but we found the combination of balsamic/olive oil/tomato/garlic etc to be very tasty indeed... I only have long thin corgettes, and hollowed them out into long boatlike shapes and piled in the ingredients. I have made these 4 times in the last month, a tasty side dish to salads, something a little different got guests and full of flavour. I used extra tomatoes after the first making becuase our lot prefered it that way and I was in two minds as to give this 4 stars or 5... I let 4 sets of tasters decide and it came out as a 4, but only narrowly. This recipe has been handwritten into my family cookbook and will feature on our menu often. Thanks Kez !

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kiwidutch September 12, 2005
Balsamic Stuffed Round Zucchini