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Julesong I followed the ingredients to the letter (after all this is a recipe competition) and it was great! You suggested in your instructions that some people like their veggies crisp, I do so I sauted the chicken with the mushrooms & onions only, rinsed and drained the beans and added them . added the spices, then 2 minutes before serving I added the peppers & broccoli, I didn't add the sour cream & avacado but just put them on the finished fajita along with the cheese and salsa. Neat idea to take them on a picnic!I I really enjoyed your recipe and wish you luck in our little competition Thanks Julesong

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Bergy June 27, 2002

I made this for supper and we thoroughly enjoyed this. I followed your directions exactly. I sauteed the chicken and vegetables about 8 minutes and the vegetables were moderately soft (how we like them). I just discovered broccoli slaw at our grocery and love it. Worked very well in this recipe. My family and I thought this was a wonderful fajita wrap and we will make it often. Thanks.

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PixieDust September 12, 2002

MMMM! a nather big hit for the kids & me. and all so the bigest kid of all my boyfirend, thanks. Ginny L. Ross

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Ginny Ross July 07, 2002

Julesong, I could hardly wait to race to the keyboard to give your supurb creation 5 stars, but at the same time I wanted the taste sensation to go on for ever! It was absolutely scrumptious. I made a couple of slight adaptions. I sauted the chicken separately, and put it aside while I stir-fried the vegetables, then added it along with the black beans etc in step 6. Then, when I was adjusting the final seasoning, I added about 1 1/2 teaspoons dark brown sugar, just to slightly balance the tartness of the lime juice. We loved the broccoli stem - had never used it before and found it delightfully crisp. The whole family enjoyed this meal very much and we will certainly have it again. Thanks for sharing.

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Daydream May 23, 2003

Wow Julesong, these fajita wraps were most excellent. We didn't take them on a picnic, just ate them at home. I followed your directions and the only change I made was to increase the chili powder to 1 tablespoon. Very zesty and a wonderful combination of ingredients. I liked the broccoli slaw, too. Thanks so much for a great recipe.

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ratherbeswimmin' August 06, 2003

WOW! This was good, I was unsure of all the different ingredients at first, but decided to give it a shot and I'm so happy that I did. All the flavors came together wonderfully, I did not put the avacado and sour cream in because I do not care for them as toppings, but it still turned out great. Thanks for the recipe!

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Rayvene October 28, 2010

OMG, this was exactly the taste I was looking for. I used left over steak instead of chicken and I couldn't stop eating. Excellent recipe!

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Chef Lur April 30, 2010

This was fantastic! I made a few substitutions that worked well for me. I used a can of corn instead of the chicken (I did marinate it for an hour with the balsamic vinegar and garlic just to give it that kick). Mixed beans instead of black because it was all I had. In addition, I also made a pot of brown rice and then threw it in with the veggies as they were frying up. I cannot eat dairy so I left the sour cream on the side. I also left the avocado out and threw it in with sliced tomatoes when I was wrapping it all up. Everyone loved it and I am certainly going to be copying this recipe down for future use. Thanks!

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The Yellow Apartment March 30, 2009

I made this tonight for dinner. We are always looking for new chicken recipes. This one really fits the bill. The flavors are great and well balanced. It is simple to make which is always a great bonus. We will be making this again.

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Busy Mom of Twins July 26, 2008

Outstanding Wrap! We ate them with leftover Wild Rice Pepper salad and it was a good combination. The raisins in the salad mellowed out the zing nicely.

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ChasMan May 25, 2005
Balsamic Fajita Chicken Wraps To Go