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Going to try this tonight with venison. The key with any meat, especially venison is to marinate well prior to cooking. Not with crazy sauces, but just simple seasoning. I put fresh ground black pepper and large kernel kosher salt with some Lawry's garlic salt on all meat for a minimum of 4-5 hrs before cooking. With venison, I then drowned it in good EVO to replace the missing fat. This keeps all venison juicy, even for the weird ones that won't touch meat under medium well.

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jamanly January 30, 2014

This was a nice change from most recipes that use beef tips. When cooking, I pretty much stuck to the recipe, except that after tasting the cream/Dijon mixture, I decided to add another teaspoon of mustard as I couldn't really taste it much over the half-and-half. I was also worried that the vinegar would overpower the other flavors after I tasted that half of the sauce but it really was not the case. The flavors came together well and the sauce thickened nicely (which I usually have a problem doing). The steak was fall apart tender and the meat and vegetables cooking made my house smell WONDERFUL (it reminded me of my Grandma's house during Sunday dinner). Finally, I served it over cooked farfalle pasta. The only problem I had with everything was that the beef tasted like a plain old roast. None of the onion or garlic flavor cooked into it and it kind of stuck out when you bit into a piece of it. Perhaps next time I will cook the veggies first and then brown the beef in the drippings so maybe the flavor will cook into the meat. With the exception of that little thing, this was a really great meal and very easy to make. I will definitely be making it again. Made for Bargain Basement.

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PSU Lioness June 21, 2012
Balsamic Dijon Sirloin Tips