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My family and I really loved this recipe and look forward to making it again. The recipe steps never said what to do with the beef broth so I assumed that it was to go into the mix at step 7. After the ribs were done cooking, I plucked the meat off the bones and chopped it up. My "gravy" wasn't as thick as I would have liked it so I strained the veggies out of the broth (saving the broth, of course), then mixed meat and veggies back together. Next I cooked some of the broth down until it was as thick as I wanted it and poured it over the meat and veggie mixture and stirred away. I served it up on little rolls and made short rib sliders. Man they were good. I used the excess broth as a base for soup the next day.

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Brewer Buddy September 02, 2009

Very tasty moist and delectable short ribs. Lots of sauce and and reduces to a nice rich gravy for the next days leftovers. My family was very happy with the meal and we will make these again.

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- Momma Loon May 17, 2005

These short ribs were melt in my mouth tender. Braised to perfection. The recipe was very pricey with the amounts of balsamic and wine. There was so much sauce left over I didn't know what to do. The first evening these were made the vinegar and wine taste was extremely strong, they were much better on the next night as leftovers when the flavours had a chance to meld and mellow. I served this with a pasta side dish, but found I needed something more like a baked or mashed potato to absorb the extra sauce. Very nice french cuisine and I will certainly make these again, though I would reduce the amount of liquid next time.

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andypandy May 17, 2005
Balsamic Braised Short Ribs