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OH Rita L!!!I loved these beets!!!!This makes a wonderfuly earthy dish.I could eat the whole thing by myself and,next time I will be doubling the recipe!!Thanks for posting this great little salad!5***** to you!!

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Theresa P February 16, 2003

Oh My, Oh My these are SOOooo delicious, My Dh and I eat the whole thing, I let them marinate for about 6 hours. I used home canned beets from my garden. Love the balsamic vinegar, olive oil & the sweetness of the honey.The hazelnuts added a nice crunchy flavor to them. I will be making these again soon. The recipe is a KEEPER.

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Barb Gertz February 09, 2003

Wow...we really loved these yummy baked beets!! I made a half recipe because I only had 3 medium beets on hand from my trip to the farmer's market, but I made the full recipe of the dressing. I let the beets marinate for about 6 hours before serving them chilled. The flavors combined and complemented each other very well. My daughter and I are the main beet lovers in the family and we managed to finish them off in one sitting. Next time, I will definitely make a full recipe. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe...it is definitely a keeper!! *Made for ZWT6 Xtra Hot Dishes*

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Bayhill June 07, 2010

Excellent combination of flavours. I served this on a bed of baby spinach & fresh lettuce from the garden. To offset meat consumption, I added small chunks of feta cheese & sprinkled the chopped nuts over all. The marinade was a very nice dressing. Served with an Orvieto white wine, it's a perfect small supper or hot-weather luncheon plate. Thank you Rita for a very tasty recipe.

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Maple June 05, 2008

Quite yummy! I had never cooked beets by baking them before (always boiled them forever) - I like this technique very much and will use it in the future. The dressing was very nice and I added walnuts instead of hazelnuts. I adore beets and this is a very nice recipe! Thanks. ZWT 3

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MA HIKER June 25, 2007

These are very tasty. I used 3 large beets rather than 6 medium and filled a 2-quart bowl. I found that I needed more balsamic vinegar to give it any balsamic flavor- perhaps 2-3 times more than the recipe calls for. I wouldn't add any more oil, however and I think that minimal honey is required (I think the amount in the recipe is good) because beets are already so sweet and this is heightened even by baking them. I tried them warm when I first put this together and just had some now, after marinating in the fridge for about 18 hours and both were very tasty. Honestly, I could have gone with like 1/2 an onion more too, I like the bit of bite combined with the sweet beets and tangy-sweet balsamic. Maybe my beets were just really much bigger than you intended for the recipe? I'm not sure- but its a tasty, pretty any-season meal. It's summer now and good cold, but I'd imagine warm in winter or fall would be excellent too. The hazelnuts add a nice crunch and another element of flavor. Very nice simple recipe, but as I said before, it needs more balsamic to get any flavor.

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Roosie May 28, 2004

I loved the fact that these beets were baked! I let them marinate overnight. The sauce wasn't quite as good as I expected, but it is a good recipe overall. Thanks!

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Sharon123 February 08, 2003
Balsamic Baked Beets with Red Onions & Hazelnuts