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Four or five years ago, we were hosting a much bigger crowd than usual for Thanksgiving. My kids are all wild about Honey-Baked Hams and were disappointed when I told them I just couldn't afford one because of all the extra guests. So I went looking for a really special substitute and found this recipe in Bon Appetit. Oh, the compliments! Everyone agreed that although it was different from H-B, it was every bit as good. (I say *better*, since it cost about $20 instead of $85!) I omit the onions because they're a huge amount of work and nobody was wild about them the one time I included. If doing the ham only, I'd recommend adding the pepper and a small portion of the butter to your glaze. Also, if using a spiral-sliced ham, it will tend to dry out if you cook it as long as recommended for a shank. Try adding some water and a little of the leftover glaze to the pan drippings for a great ham gravy. (Add a little cornstarch if you want it thicker.)

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highcotton November 18, 2006

This was superb! I did cheat a bit, though. Fresh pearl onions were about the same price per pound as prime rib (what's up with that?) So I bought frozen. Easy prep, too. They've already been cleaned, trimmed, and blanched. So I altered the directions. Put the ham in the oven. Mixed up the glaze. After an hour, I added the onions directly to the roasting pan (one less dish to clean is always good, right?) drizzled the glaze over the top of the ham and the onions and continued the baking process. Also, being diabetic, all that brown sugar is a no-no. So I cut it to 1/3 cup Sugar Twin Brown and 1/3 cup Splenda Brown (Sugar Twin is nasty on it's own). I was absolutely amazed at the nice "glazed" loot that the ham had, along with the fabulous flavor. the glaze really helped cut the saltyness of the ham, and produced an incredible flavor. The onions.....OMG, those onions! You could eat them like grapes, they were so good!

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Lightly Toasted December 27, 2008

this recipe is delicious. This ham has now become our family holiday ham recipe. My children ask for it every Easter.

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810195 April 22, 2011

Great recipe, I am a beginner (cooking) and it came out lovely!

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Igway October 18, 2010

Wonderful and delicious...awesome marinade. The glaze is good even on raw ham....am going to use it on ham sandwiches. Very easy to make and the color is gorgeous.

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Sallyabreak November 24, 2003

This recipe is a keeper. Very easy and different. The balsamic vinegar gives ham a great touch. I will make it again most deffinite.

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melinda gilbert November 28, 2002
Balsamic-And Dijon-Glazed Ham With Roasted Pearl Onions