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These are great! I've made them before although a little different on some of the ingredients. Definitely get the texture right and perfect for corn dogs!!! I've had to steam mine a little bit longer though to firm them up properly.

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DomDem July 21, 2012

Great way to get a hot dog fix! I smiled the whole time I was making these. It was fun recipe to make. The dough smelled like hot dogs, so that was encouraging. The dough was really sticky. I used some flour on my hands to roll them. I only made six and think they would have been better smaller to get the eight that the recipe said it would yield. I'm not a huge fan of cumin, so I cut that in half and added a little dry mustard. I think next time I might add a bit more ketchup. They were really good served on a bun with some kraut, just what I was craving. The texture might take some getting used to, but they were fine with the kraut. I'm not sure how I well I'll like them plain. They looked great, much better than I expected. Thanks for posting this fun recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview December 23, 2013
Ballpark Hot Dogs (Vegan)