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These reminded me of rugelach, and I enjoyed the filling, and the ease of making the tarts. I made a second batch of filling and used it in roll-up cinnamon rolls--another great use! Thanks for a great idea and a great recipe.

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East Wind Goddess March 06, 2010

I just love this pie crust, it's so crispy and when you bite into these lovely nutty delights the taste is wonderful!!!! so so nice. My friend was in when they came out the oven so you can imagine they didn't last long, I had to hold her back till they cooled enough to eat, now I have to make them for her she can't bake. lovely lovely little bundles of yummm. I will be making them again often.Made for RSC#15

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Tea Jenny March 05, 2010

It's been a very long time since I've had Baklava. The only thing I really remember is that it was very, very sweet and sticky. That being said, I can't say how close this is to the 'original'. I can however tell you that these tarts are very good. For me, these are just like butter tarts (who doesn't like butter tarts?) made with walnuts and spices. Of course the cream cheese in the pastry is a wonderful bonus!!!! After pressing the pastry into the tins, I first added the walnuts, then spooned in the sugar/egg mixture. These baked up for me in 20 minutes. The pastry is very tender when warm, so I had to wait a little longer before taking them out of the tins. Worked perfectly for me, as I had no accidents. I must say, they were even tastier (if that's possible) the second and third day. Sooo good. Made for RSC #15. Thanks for sharing your recipe, and good luck in the contest.

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Diana #2 March 05, 2010
Baklava Tarts