Recipe by cynthia mcelwain

This came from my girlfriend Joni which is EXCELLENT. No matter where I go this is what I am asked to make. The only thing that I will say is the nuts are good, but the fruit is also good. I have kept this simple and easy to make. It is a sure hit anywhere.

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  1. Variations pie filling our favorite is fresh fruit prepared as pie filling example 2 lbs of apples one cup of sugar one tablespoon cinnamon one tablespoon real butter an one tablespoon flour mix all an spread over dough.
  2. First lay out dough an cover with a damp cloth.
  3. Then melt two sticks of butter, now lay very carefully one strip of the dough on very large cookie sheet.
  4. With a paint brush brush dough, now do this with the first half of dough.
  5. Chop one pound of nuts an add one cup of sugar spread this evenly.
  6. Then repeat the each layer of dough.
  7. With the last two sticks of butter.
  8. Then with a very sharp knife cut diagonally from one corner till the next.
  9. When ended it will look like diamonds then bake in 400°F oven until GOLDEN BROWN (can not give a time as different butter and ovens are different).
  10. As this is baking boil the water sugar lemon an honey to a candy syrup stage, about 5 minutes.
  11. When golden brown, remove from oven; re cut and pour liquid over. Cool.

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