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This was quite good, I must say. I subbed the walnuts with poppy seeds, and they still add up to the same amount, just coz I've had it once where they used poppy seeds and it was pretty good. I would probably make the syrup a little more runny, and 3 hours is definitely not enough, over-night is recommended, as we served it after 3 hours and the syrup wasn't right to the bottom yet, but the next day it was much better. Will experiment with it! Note: DON'T preheat your oven until you're up to the last layer as this took us 1 hour just to assemble before putting into the oven!! Simple steps but very time-consuming.

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Cabnolen April 12, 2009

This is wonderful. I've actually been using your recipe for about a year now. It was my first time making it then and I got great reviews! A co-worker of mine requests this every potluck (and we have a lot of them!). We've TRADED food for this recipe (she's from the Philippines and makes great lumpia) and now she is asking for it again for our Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday! Thanks so much :)

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Nay78 November 23, 2010

I used this recipe to make Baklava for the first time and it was decadent! The flavors are so rich and meld together wonderfully. It was a lot of work, but I was certainly proud of the result. I would probably scale the recipe down next time because it made a LOT, and might not put quite so many nuts. Thank you for a great recipe to add to my "tried and true" folder :) ~Crystal

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Camel_Cracker June 22, 2010

I won't tell you how good this is because there are already 33 other reviews telling you that. I will tell you I made mine in a lasagna pan and didn't reduce or change the recipe at all and it was perfect. I did use more orange and lemon peel because I had tried another baklava that called for orange and I knew I wanted a lot of that flavor. Also,others might want to know that a 1 pound bag of walnuts when ground up, yields just over the 4 cups called for. Same with almonds (1/2 lb = 2 cups). I never thought twice about what to do with the clove on each piece, but my family was completely thrown off by it. So I guess if I was going to serve it for dinner guests I would leave the clove off to avoid any choking or embaressing situations. Thanks evelyn.

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Don't Call Me Martha January 18, 2009

Very Good. Everyone enjoyed it. I did not taste it because of allergy to gluten. But please DO NOT USE SALTED BUTTER OR SALTED NUTS!!!! as I did the first time that was inedible. I used almost 3/4's this recipe's syrup for a 9 X 13 inch pan. I used a good local creamy honey, made sure to cut the lemon and orange peels down since the serving changer didn't do it. I used half pistachio nuts, half blanched almonds like the intro. I followed How to Blanch, Split, & Sliver Almonds. I used less allspice in place of nutmeg because we don't consume intoxicants. I used 1 lb phyllo pastry leaves trimmed a little. I placed the cloves on top to bake for the perfume and removed them before presenting since all those to consume this dessert do not know about the Greek tradition. I will make this again. Made for Family Picks ZWT6, Greece/Cyprus region, for my team, The Ya Ya Cookerhood.

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UmmBinat August 23, 2010

I recently tasted baklava for the first time - it was commercially prepared & frozen but very good. Also very expensive, so I decided to try making some. I followed this recipe exactly except skipped the cloves, oh, and used only walnuts as that is what I had on hand. It looks awesome and tastes even better.

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Toadflax May 27, 2010

YUM! Says it ALL! This is a very good and simple BAKLAVA recipe. BTW, add a splash of Cognac in Nut Filling, gave it an awesome aroma and taste. THANKS EV...wish I can send some over to you...LOL!

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iLuv2cook 2 April 28, 2010

I have made this twice now, both times to rave reviews. I divided this recipe in half and it makes a perfect 9x13 pan full. The first time my syrup was a little thin and most of it went to the bottom. The second time was wonderfull. Both times I used orange blossom honey which provided a nice citrus kick to the Baklava. My next attempt I will use pistashios because one of my co-workers is alergic to Walnuts.

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Burnt by Dad January 12, 2010

When I ate this I realised that the store bought baklava I have eaten over the years has been rubbish - mostly pastry and sugar syrup! The flavours in this dish are so good and it is full of nuts. The syrup soaks in instead of drowning it leaving the pastry to have a good crunch. I cooked the syrup for the 10 minutes which made it quite thick. As I couldn't find Greek honey, I used a standard honey mixed with leatherwood honey (Australian Eucalyptus) 3:1 ratio. I made half mixture in a 9" x 12" tin and cooked it for an hour.

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Chef @Oz October 01, 2006

This recipe is great as is, but for anyone else who is completely lactose intolerant like me, I will say that I also made this with melted coconut oil instead of butter. Of course butter is better...but I like to be able to eat baklava without getting sick after every piece. There's no way I could make this and then not eat any. When I told my friends it had no butter in it, they didn't believe me. So, it's a workable substitution if you simply cannot have butter, and I think that speaks to the quality of the sauce portion of this recipe, that even without butter it tastes great.

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dustmopbrooks July 16, 2016