Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Czech recipe


  1. Mix dry ingredients.
  2. Add milk and egg and stir to make soft dough.
  3. Add 3 quarts of water to a large pot or Dutch oven.
  4. Put 1 tsp salt and 1 Tbsp oil in water and bring to boil.
  5. Drop dough by tablespoonful into boiling water.
  6. Boil five minutes on one side.
  7. Turn and boil another five minutes.
  8. Remove from water.
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also I add parsley flakes for color and a touch of popcorn butter flavor powder to taste, Drop 1 tablespoon at a time into your stew, the fresher the flour the better.

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My mother always made these with either chicken stew or beef stew. Drop the dumpling dough onto the top of simmering stew, cover and don't peek for 15 minutes. Thanks!