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just thought I would say something about this bread in one word excellent iv'e been making this bread for apprx. 3 yrs. now and everybody I give some wants more I wanted to say thanks for all your sourdough recipies English muffins,waffles,pancakes all excellent again thanks

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ivan d. August 27, 2013

This is amazing bread. I have even managed to absolutely destroy it putting it into the oven (stuck on the peel, totally deflated hitting the stone), and it perked up again while baking to make a beautiful loaf. The interior crumb is like nothing else. I don't know what it is about I find whenever possible now I follow at least part of this method, even if not the ingredients, it's hard not to make a teeny bit of extra effort (when I have the time) when the results are so amazing. Thank you for sharing!!

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StephaniePB April 10, 2010

I wish I could give this TEN stars, it is so good. Thanks Galley Wench for a great recipe. My only question is on step #22, I wasn't sure what it meant by "proof" then slash. But even with that - it turned out wonderful and was a big hit with the whole family, as a matter of fact DH stated "this is the best he's ever had!" It looks like a lot of steps, but actually it's just very detailed, clear instructions. I'll be making this many times in the future. Thanks for a great recipe. 5-1-2016:

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Bonnie G #2 May 01, 2016

I made this last weekend, it was FABULOUS! I failed to read the entire recipe through before starting, so I had to skip the time in the fridge... The bread looked and tasted as good or better than what you get from the bakery.....my coworkers demolished both loaves in no time! I'm making it again this weekend, will follow the recipe exactly this time! Thanks, GW!

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cylee October 31, 2009

I'll agree that this is labor intense, but so worth it. I don't know what happened but I totally skipped #15 and didn't fold it, so I don't know if that changed the bread a significant amount or not. The 450 degrees worked fine for me. The bread came out exactly how I wanted it, crisp outside with a chewy texture inside. This recipe takes some planning, but you won't be disappointed. Thanks GW

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~Nimz~ August 26, 2007

This is truly a labor of love for wonderful sourdough. It produces a crusty loaf of chewy textured bread which is everything a true sourdough should be. I will lower the temperature in my oven to 425 degrees next time around as it was a little scorched on the bottom. The directions are long but well written and easy to follow.

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PaulaG April 29, 2007
Bakery Style Sourdough Bread