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This was good for me but not great. The idea of making fritters in a pan and cutting them in rounds seemed like a good idea to me. I like all kinds of fritters but they can be a pain to pan fry because they often fall apart. My problem with this dish is that it tasted more like a quiche than a fritter. You usually use eggs to bind fritters but much less in proportion to the other ingredients. I liked the way these crisped up because they were so thin but they seemed kind of unsubstantial and didn't look as pretty as a pan fried fritter. So in the end this is a good dish to get some veggies in you but I would either tweak it next time or go back to cooking them in a pan.

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Glimmer May 09, 2013

Oh, yummy,yummy,yummy. The carrots did indeed lend a sweetness to the dish and it was absolutely perfect in my humble opinion! I did not have dill or tarragon so I used parsley, basil, thyme, and oregano for my herbs. Aside from that, I followed the recipe exactly. Had carrots and zucchini that needed eating up and I cannot make zucchini taste good sauteed no matter what I try. Recipezaar to the rescue, yet again!! I think the bigger baking pan is to get a thin spread so as to crisp it up a bit. Will make a regular rotation of this. Thank You, chia!!

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pena.denise June 09, 2009

These were a great, used oil instead of butter and switched up the herbs. I also used a muffin pan to cook them so that i could have them in a single serving format. Good recipe!

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orki January 11, 2012

I've never made fritters befor this recipe. But these were great. And great if you need to keep your food budget in-check.

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jensten1 December 25, 2008

I made this for dinner and it was really nice ! I added extra parsley because it was fresh for once . I replaced the tarragon with poppy seeds - they really made a difference ,I think. I also tossed in a few leftover kidney beans from a quesadilla-side-salad the night before ,but they didn't make much difference.I cooked it in a pie pie plate and cut into traingles - I found I liked them much more cooled , they were similar to a spanish frittata but more veggie- and herbie- ish. I also had more zucchini than carrot. As well, when saute'ing the carrot , I tossed in a bit of maple syrup to really sweeten up the carrots. I served it with meatballs on a salad of spinach leaves and organic tomatoes. Anyway , I changed it here and there but it managed to be quite nice in spite of that :) and I'll be remembering it as its' easy, healthy and yummy ! Thanks !

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NOOBchef March 24, 2007

Delicious side dish that would also make a nice appetizer if cut into small portions. Mine turned out to be somewhat like a crustless quiche. A 13X9 in pan seemed too large to me for the amount of mixture, so I used a slightly smaller 20X30 cm (approx) pan. The carrots give it a sweet taste, and the herbs and seasoning are perfect in my opinion. I didn't bother with brushing with oil and broiling as mine was a lovely brown after the inital 25 minutes baking time. I think this is a good recipe to use to get the non-veggie lovers to eat their vegetables. Thanks for posting.

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FlemishMinx September 13, 2004
Baked Zucchini Carrot Fritters