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I've seen a couple mentions of people trying this recipe and they just raved and then I really wanted to try it. I thought our tomatoes were done for the season and that I'd have to buy tomatoes to make it...in fact, I asked Lorac about a method she uses to improve store bought tomatoes (over in the message and thank you board) thinking I would have to try this recipe with them. Not so...DH and I went for a walk in the yard a couple days ago and found we have a few really nice sized tomatoes that frost hasn't gotten yet and they were ripe! since they were larger than medium size, I used 3 and kept the rest of the recipe measurements the same. I didn't have fresh spinach, but found in a substitutions resource that beet greens can be substituted, so I headed back out to the garden and collected some of them. This was absolutely delicious. I shortened the baking time by about 5 minutes and the tomatoes were warmed and just slightly softened, but not cooked through. This tasted like we were eating a BLT without the bread...yummy. DH and I each had one and I packed the other in a lunch tray to send over to my MIL (She's 73, and a widow, so anything that I feel will reheat well, I use to make TV dinners for her to throw in the microwave).

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Cindy Lynn October 10, 2002

I made this at work today, but I made it slightly differently-same ingredients, just a different presentation. Also multiplied the recipe by nearly 3. I cored the tomatoes, and cut them in half (around the equator), I lay 16 halves in my baking tray, spread over half the filling mix, some cheese, then repeated all that. I then cooked them in the oven til the cheese was golden brown. Excellent.

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JustJanS October 30, 2002

Loved this. I even had 2 leftover and reheated them the next day. It was still great. Used some of the hot sauce that I was sent in the food swap and added a little bit more than was called for, still great. Thanks for posting it. I never knew that I liked cooked whole tomatos before I tried this.

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Mysterygirl September 26, 2002

Great! I added 1/3 cup panko breadcrumbs and 1/3 cup mozzarella cheese. These are wonderful.

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darrell1980 February 26, 2012

This is a keeper. Followed the recipe exactly, except I did not top with grated cheese. This was a side to our Christmas dinner roast that also included Ultimate Scalloped Potates #42532, so there was quite enough cheese in the mix already. Our tomatoes were rather large, so I made the full recipe for the filling and had some left over. Just added that as extra topping for the last tomato to go with a ham steak a few days later.

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Catte Nappe December 28, 2007

I would not call this dish heaven. I reserve that word for chocolate or cheesecake dishes, only. However, this is a very good dish. I used 6 slices of bacon and 3-4 dashes of hot sauce. I will definately make this again.

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Scrivener1 September 09, 2006

Sorry, But I don't get what everyone raved about. No one in my family like it.

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MomEof3 September 14, 2005

Awesome! I used proscuitto instead of bacon, but I still used some bacon grease to sautee the onion. Also, I sliced large tomato "steaks" instead of removing the centers. Of course, this made everything really juicy, but it was so good on top of crusty bread! There is really no substitute for fresh, farmers' market tomatoes!

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tonya-mama July 25, 2005

This is a wonderful recipe. I am really learning to love lorac; you can count on her for great food. I think this is a great side dish that is really going to spice up my recipe collection. I had been looking for the perfect baked tomato recipe and this is it!

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Neurochemistry June 16, 2005

This was indeed - heaven! Since tomatoes are out of season here right now, I used the ripened-on-the-vine variety, and this was just awesome. I cannot even imagine how good this will be when garden tomatoes are ready to go! I made the recipe exactly as posted and ended up with ten small to medium stuffed tomatoes. Bonus!: Because there's just two of us, I had leftovers, so I chopped them up, stuffing and all, and added to homemade tomato soup - wow, TDF!! Thanks, Lorac, for a real keeper!

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KeyWee March 13, 2005
Baked Tomato Heaven